Removing 'Being Hit' and 'Target Immune' sounds

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Removing 'Being Hit' and 'Target Immune' sounds

Postby Revi » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:16 am

I have a question, something I've been trying to fix but so far been unable to.

I absolutely hate the sounds characters make when they are hit, especially in situations where they are hit all the time (ie: walking over lava). It just sounds silly.

I also hate the way they tell you a target is immune. Useful info, to be sure, but it drives me nuts when a warrior is accidentally using GWW on an immune target.. 10 times a round you hear the same message.

So I was wondering: is there a way to remove these sounds completely from the soundsets?

I found [url='']this[/url]list, which suggests XXXXXXXl.wav is the 'being hit' sound and XXXXXXX2.wav is the 'target immune' sound of each soundset. I removed these sounds. It didn't change anything.

What am I doing wrong? Please tell me there's some way to get rid of them...
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