Ascension+Tactics help (spoilers)

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Ascension+Tactics help (spoilers)

Postby Box Lump » Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:14 pm

I just found out that the last fight with Irenicus is incredibly tough with these mods installed. I'm making a six person party with the intention of beating it, but I'd like some advice before I start. I don't want to do every quest and get all the way to the underworld just to find out it's impossible.

What suggestions do you have for the party, and what are some effective strategies for the fight?

BTW, in case I ran into a bug or something, I saw a level-draining dragon, a beholder, a floating sword, Sarevok with protection from magic, and a non-slayer Irenicus. I'm frankly not sure how to fight them all at once.


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Postby appo13 » Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:18 am

I did it That way:

First of all my Kensai/Mage Time Stopped and owned (while hasted) the dragon!
Second timestop came from my sorcerer who casted improved alacity and 6 times magic missle on the sword, who was immune to any other kind of magic and weapons i had (+5 weapons included!!!). With a second time stop and after i dispelled the beholders blade barrier and fire shield, my Kensi/Mage killed the beholder and startet attacking sarevok. I send out my tank to irenicus with protection from magic(the cloak) who attack him and irenicus focused all his spells on him. After sarevok died, I ran after irenicus for 10 minutes with my 2 best hasted tanks, who couldnt ever get any 1 damage point. Irenicus had an infinite amount of "improved mantels" so he always refreshed them. I uninstalled the mod because this is Cheating!!! I dont cheat, so irenicus shouldn neither...

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Postby Thrifalas » Sun Aug 09, 2009 3:11 am

That battle is actually one of the easier ones in tactics/ascension. Personally I found Illyich, Kuroisan, Red Badge, Final Ascension, improved mindflayers... well, a lot of the battles harder than that. Improved Mindflayers was the meanest, I did them absolutely last of SoA and I had such a goddamn hard time, eventhough I had planetars and stuff in my arsenal.

The final Irenicus fight is actually, if I recall correctly, 3 battles in one. First it's against all of those, then you drop all your items (which you could - and should - just instantly pick up and re-equip) and fight another form, and then there's a third battle. I don't remember exactly what it's like, and it did take me a few reloads, but again, so did a lot of the battles. :)

Also, the first fight is the most difficult. Once I beat that it only took 1-2 reloads to beat the other two stages.

First of all, there's no turning back, so get all the items and the experience you can. You should also have some powerhouse classes, such as an inquisitor and a sorceress. And do WK for the items/experience.

I don't recall exactly what I did in the fight itself, but as soon as I gained some levels my sorceress was running around imprisoning everything in sight. I'm pretty sure I took out 1-3 of them before the fight even started with time stop+imprisonment.

If you have played difficult mods before, this one shouldn't be that hard. You hardly ever hear someone talk about it as being up there with the other insane mods. As long as you know how to utilize most of the powerful moves in your arsenal (planetars, mordenkainens, contengencies, inquisitor dispel, hardiness, imp haste, pro-mw, spell immunity, etc etc etc) you should be able to do this quite easy.