TQvault sckrewed my characters

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TQvault sckrewed my characters

Postby Redslash » Fri Sep 08, 2006 4:22 pm

I'll give a basic rundown of my issue

I'm using TQvault to trade items between my characters

then i use TQvaults patcher to make it so i dont lose my characters

however now 2 of my characters cant play online. I can play single player but when they go online they cant attack, get hurt, use spells, or talk to npc's. all they can do is walk around the map aimlessly.

I didnt lose my characters but i still cant do anything with them anymore

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Postby Ualaa » Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:08 pm

The program Defiler (found here... SoulSeekkor's TQ Defiler - Home) might fix your characters; its worth a shot anyway.

Basically run the program, then start Titan Quest. Get to the character select and be on your character but don't enter the game yet. Alt+Tab out to the Defiler program and select your character on its main menu. Click the fix character button then Alt+Tab back into game. Click the character switch button to select a different character and then switch back to the character you were trying to fix. Not sure why the procedure is set up as it is, but it has worked for characters who have used TQ Vault so far.

Basically the fix character thing is designed to make the game think your character is completely legit and has never been modified. Assuming you don't make changes to inventory such as TQ Vault, playing a custom map or editing your character with Defiler, theoretically you can play the character even with a new version of Titan Quest. Of course, doing any of the above can be fixed via the "fix character" option, so the game thinks they have not been done before.

Hope the program helps you. I found it in the modifications forum on the official game boards (http://www.titanquest.pro/forums/), which along with Banshee provide a ton of game information.