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This forum is to be used for all discussions pertaining to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, its Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles expansions, and any user-created or premium modules.
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GameBanshee's Oblivion Coverage

Postby BuckGB » Wed Apr 12, 2006 3:45 pm

I thought it might be a good idea to keep everyone updated on the content we've been posting to our Oblivion subsite, so I decided to make a sticky thread here in the forums. Feel free to point out any errors or make any suggestions here about any of the content.

· Oblivion Quest Database - a searchable database containing walkthroughs for every quest in the game, including those in the main, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild, Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, Daedric, Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles, master trainer, settlement, official plug-in, and optional quest lines

· Oblivion Equipment Database - a massive equipment database that allows for in-depth searching of the game's original 4200+ items, as well as all new equipment introduced in Bethesda's official plug-ins and the Shivering Isles expansion pack.

· Oblivion Spells Database - another of our databases, this time to search through all of the game's spells and find the exact locations each one can be obtained.

· Map of Cyrodiil - we've annotated the game's overland map with every single major location and encounter.

· Xbox 360 Achievements - all of the unlockable achievements available in the Xbox 360 version of the game.

· In-Game Tips - all of the loading screen tips presented in the game.

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Postby LeoStarDragon1 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 8:58 am

Thieves Guild Quest Missing From "D" List?!

Good Morning! :)

This morning, I finally noticed that the thread had "0" replies and I wondered why, so I clicked on it, saw what type of thread it was, and began perusing the "All Quests" list. Okay, typos aside, I'm wondering about "Item Reward(s)".
Money doesn't count. Training doesn't count. Just physical items and spells? So wouldn't the "Blackwater Blade" count for "An Unexpected Voyage"? Or is it the manner in which you aquire the item that counts? For Mannimarco doesn't hand over his gear to you, usually. ;)

Anyway, when I began to look at you list I wonder if you too might have left out the same quest that the folks over at "UESP Wiki" did. When I wrote to them about it and then tried to list it my self, they got all snooty about it! :mad: They deleted my entry saying it wasn't important enough!

But anyway, the Russians think it should be included! The quest missing from you "D" list isn't about Kathy Griffin either! :p It's an optional Thieves Guild Quest that helps you keep track ogf where your best fence at the time is, so that you don't loose him or her. Beware then that it isn't closable once engaged and it will always be open in your journal! Here it is:

TGDirections "Directions from Beggars" FormID: 0003FD3F

10 / 0 Ongar is the fence in Bruma. The beggar told me he lives behind the temple. I should go to him if I have any stolen property to sell.

20 / 0 Dar Jee is the fence in Leyawiin. The beggar told me she lives east of the temple. I should go to her if I have any stolen property to sell.

30 / 0 Luciana Galena is the fence in Bravil. The beggar told me she lives by the Arena. I should go to her if I have any stolen property to sell.

40 / 0 Orrin is the fence in Anvil. The beggar told me he lives in the far western corner of the city. I should go to him if I have any stolen property to sell.

50 / 0 Fathis Ules is the fence in the Imperial City. The beggar told me he lives behind the temple. I should go to him if I have any stolen property to sell.
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