Hey you! Does your thread contain Spoilers?

This forum is to be used for all discussions pertaining to Obsidian Entertainment's Neverwinter Nights 2, the Mask of the Betrayer expansion pack, the Storm of Zehir expansion pack, and the Mysteries of Westgate adventure pack.
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Hey you! Does your thread contain Spoilers?

Postby Siberys » Wed Nov 01, 2006 4:28 am

As the game is actually out now, I figure this would be needed as does every game forum.

Please be sure that in every thread you create that contains either Quest related subjects, in game specific characters and/or anything else that would possibly spoil a game, you add "SPOILER" to your thread title.

Also, to help prevent spoilers even more, when you post something that will contain spoilers, it would be a wise idea to use the Spoiler UBBC code. Simply type this code out-

[spoiler]TYPE MESSAGE HERE[ /spoiler]

With no spaces in between anything aside from your message itself.

Thank you.
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