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Persistent World : Realms of Trinity ( RoT )

Posted: Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:18 am
by AGhost_7
For those that are looking for a good RP server, come check us out! :D

Official Website: [url=''][/url]

Server is listed under Role Play, Direct Connect:

  • Huge and highly detailed world; 2 full campaigns of over 400 areas.
  • Difficulty options that allow you to increase or decrease reward and challenge level.
  • Over 200 ROT modified spells and feats to provide a large range of viable character builds.
  • Party difficulty scaling: more creatures spawn with more players in the area.
  • Party XP Reward Bonus - Party up to get extra XP bonuses.
  • Steady trickle of XP for roleplay interactions!
  • Great community with many player guilds, which have custom cloaks, housing, and items.
  • Custom Item Level Restriction System that allows for a good and reasonable structure of item use and sharing.
  • Life after level 30 via the Epic Relevel system that allows you to increase abilitiy modifiers and increase your spell power.
  • Level progression of up to level 40 thanks to NWNX4 client extender.
  • Kaedrin PRC Pack 1.42.1 & in-house customized classes.
  • Low to High magic progression for the lifetime of your character in the Realms of Trinity I & II Campaigns, Low to Mid magic in the Cormyrean Expanse.
  • Custom item crafting and free appearance changing to suit your play style and wishes.