Latest StarCraft II ad on website..

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Latest StarCraft II ad on website..

Postby Scottg » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:39 pm

Most of the time I find adds that "take-over" the entire field of the website annoying, or perhaps incredibly annoying. (..still it's how the website survives so I'm not going to try and remove this annoyance from my end, other than via intended means of closing the add.)


This latest add didn't have that sort of window on top of window effect. Instead it sort of "pushes" the website's normal content down (or at least it appears to do so).

I like that effect. (..or at least it's not nearly so annoying.) I'm also not sure *why* I preferred this, both are after-all "in your face" adds disrupting access to the page you really want access to, still..

Thumb's UP! :) on the new effect Buck!