Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting!

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Forum Rules - Please Read Before Posting!

Postby BuckGB » Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:05 pm

The GameBanshee Forums are visited by thousands of role-playing fans from all over the world on a daily basis. To ensure that it remains a high quality message board for all members, we've established a set of rules that we ask everyone to abide by. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them before posting for the first time.

Participating in any of the following activities will earn you an infraction or, if severe enough, could result in your account being banned:

  • Flaming, humiliating, ridiculing, or intentionally insulting other members.

  • Advocating illegal activities, including software piracy or other intellectual property violations.

  • Attempting to circumvent the profanity filter or posting sexually explicit content.

  • Post farming or bumping multiple threads without having something to genuinely contribute to them.

  • Thread hijacking or spamming. Light spam is considered acceptable in the Speak Your Mind forum, though an excessive amount is frowned upon.

  • Consistently posting new threads looking for answers that have already been made available many times previously. The forum has a great search feature, so please use it.

  • Posting in a non-English language without providing a full English translation.

  • Advertising unrelated products or services, including MMORPG currency or accounts. Promotion of game-related modifications, editors, or other tools should be placed in your signature or posted in designated threads only.

  • Registering multiple accounts. If you've forgotten your account name or password, make use of the forum's recovery option or contact a moderator or the administrator.

Since our blog system is designed as a personal space for each of our members, we will only be monitoring member blogs for advertisements, links to pornographic material, illegal content, or any rules violations that are taken to the extreme.

Obviously, there may be other unique situations that aren't covered in these rules, so let common sense be your guide. Above all else, enjoy the community!