Disciples III: Renaissance Interview

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Disciples III: Renaissance Interview

Postby GameBanshee News » Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:10 pm

Akella and .dat's Disciples III: Renaissance is the subject of <a href="http://www.gamingnexus.com/Article/Disciples-III-Renaissance-Interview/Page0/Item2340.aspx">a new interview with producer Alexey Ilyin</a> over at Gaming Nexus.<br><blockquote><b>What kind of RPG elements can folks expect to see in the game?</b><br><br>The development system of heroes changed totally. Each character has a list of parameters and skills. The parameters of each hero include stamina, strength, intellect, dexterity and initiative. The skills tree looks like a field paved with the square counters. You can only open counter neighboring the opened one. If you open the counter you get the skill written on it. Standard list of skills includes increases for leader parameters. And there are also a number of unique skills for the leaders of each game race.<br><br>Wearing, equipment and weapon by the hero always changes his visual representation both on the global map and in the battle.<br><br>...<br><br><b>Can you talk about the main new features in the game? What kinds of changes are you making to the core mechanics of the game?</b><br><br>The combat system of Disciples 3 has been changed significantly. We’ve refused the static battles by giving units the possibility to move through the battlefield freely. This solution has allowed us to add more spectacular fighting scenes . The arenas got some additions such us obstacles and force nodes, which affect the tactical development of the battle.<br><br>There is also the new ability to cover the unit: for example, if the knight with covering skill stands next to the archer, then if the enemy attacks the archer in the close combat, he will be attacked by the knight instead of it.<br><br>We also have some innovations in the magic system. For instance, in the Magic Tower you can learn the spell like it was before, but you are also able to create the rune, which can help you to win battle.</blockquote>