Two Worlds II Preview

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Two Worlds II Preview

Postby GameBanshee News » Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:05 pm

We haven't heard much about Reality Pump's Two Worlds sequel lately, so it's nice to see that the editors at GamerSyndrome have slapped up <a href="">a quick preview</a> of the game.<br><blockquote>The size of the world in Two Worlds II would be nearly 60km. Reality Pump promise us that the world will be filled with NPC’s and adventures. The game will have 5 factions – 3 official and 2 hidden(Oblivion this time). Each one will have it’s own quest line and a reputation system. You can become the leader of each faction. The developers say, that each character will have his own secrets. I sure hope for at least a few twists and turns like the farmer with the pig actually being an evil necromancer(with the pig actually being and undead dragon). We’ll wait and see. Reality Pump also promise us moral dilemmas in almost every quest – one such example is the following: The residents of a village want you to kill a necromancer in a nearby forest. While strawing you are attacked by evil beasts and the necromancer himself, saves you. His side of the story is different – he’s there to protect the forest from the creatures drawn by the evil in the village. Every choice has a consequence.</blockquote>