Gyromancer Preview

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Gyromancer Preview

Postby GameBanshee News » Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:21 am

The editors at RPG Site spent some time with Square Enix and PopCap's Gyromancer during the Tokyo Game Show, and have since penned <a href="">a quick preview</a> of the puzzle/RPG crossbreed.<br><blockquote>The game punishes move-wasters, with every move that doesn't result in matching gems reducing your skill meter. Where Puzzle Quest reverses incorrect moves with no penalty, Gyromancer punishes you for them and leaves any changes you made intact. There's no penalty for taking your time, though, and the kind representative that showed me the game suggested I take my time in choosing what gems to move, considering the longer-term consequences rather than rushing in.<br><br>As I fought through the demo I got the overwhelming feel that this was being built as a very traditional RPG outside of battles, complete with leveling up and obtaining new monsters and skills as you move forward. At the end of the demo I even gained a new party member.</blockquote>