Mass Effect 2 vs. Alpha Protocol: Round Two

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Mass Effect 2 vs. Alpha Protocol: Round Two

Postby GameBanshee News » Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:21 pm

Blend Games <a href="">continues their "Mass Effect 2 vs. Alpha Protocol" feature</a> by comparing the replayability factor that each title brings to the table.<br><blockquote>l.m.h While the spy-based Role-Playing Game that is Alpha Protocol is suggested to offer a multitude of outcomes depending on player’s decisions, we are of course yet to see any of them. Little is yet known about exactly how players’ choices will affect not only the structure of the game, but the lead character himself. It’s been said that personality traits will differ – be nice to people and they’ll believe in you, be unpleasant and they’ll question whether or not they should be helping you – but to what extent this will affect the games’ objectives remains to be seen. Alpha Protocol offers a lot of potential for repeated play-throughs, though unlike Mass Effect, there’s currently no precedent to signify how greatly the core game itself will vary. <br><br>BG – William: It’s true that Alpha Protocol has little revealed about its replayability. However, Obsidian has readily admitted that the game is designed to offer players a lot of opportunities to replay the game with various effects: charming different ladies may render new outcomes for certain missions; interrogating an individual in a nice or harsh manner could alter another outcome; choosing who to kill and who to save opens up yet another door for replayability. The choices in Alpha Protocol add a distinguishing factor for replay that nearly puts this round at a tie between it and Mass Effect 2.</blockquote>