Two Worlds II Item Craft Tool Details

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Two Worlds II Item Craft Tool Details

Postby GameBanshee News » Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:01 am

A small blurb on <a href="">the official Two Worlds website</a> briefly details the "craft" tool that the team is implementing into the upcoming RPG sequel, though you'll have to subscribe to the game's newsletter to get any further information.<br><blockquote>+++ Special CRAFT tool enables individual equipment design in "Two Worlds II" +++<br><br>"Two Worlds II" starts where other RPGs have to stop... You can see one good example of the painstaking detail that Reality Pump is injecting into the second part of this RPG universe in the current issue of the Antaloor Post, the game's official Info Magazine. If a player learns the relevant skill, he will be able to strip down almost every item to its basic elements, like, for example steel, wood, leather or fabrics. These elements can be used in turn to upgrade other items. Artistic-minded players can even buy paints and individually design their own armor and weapons! The technical foundation behind this feature is the newly created 'CRAFT' tool.<br><br>You'll find more fascinating info about this in the current edition of the Antaloor Post - and other topics include the new GRACE engine, interesting fan questions and the storm-lashed coastal region in Northern Antaloor. You can subscribe to the magazine at <a href=""></a>!</blockquote>