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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Interview

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 7:55 am
by GameBanshee News
RPGamer recently <a href="">chatted up</a> Capybara's Nathan Vella, Kris Piotrowski, and Greg Georgiadis in order to glean a few more details about Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.<br><blockquote><b>What makes Clash of Heroes a Might and Magic game?</b><br><br>GG: Fans of the series will see some of their favorite characters and experience a chapter in their lives that took place in their younger years, before they became who we know them as in Heroes of Might and Magic V. As far as gameplay goes, although it may not seem it at first glance, the battle system fits really well within the Might and Magic World. Building up an army by purchasing units, equipping artifacts, leveling up abilities, and using strategic planning to wipe the floor with the opposing army is what the game is all about.<br><br>KP: We tried very hard to keep the game true to the setting established by Heroes of Might and Magic V, so there's a whole ton of new lore that we're hoping the fans will appreciate. I agree with Greg, though, the battle system, though different than the system used in classic Heroes of Might and Magic, should hopefully provide a good source of strategy gameplay for the fans. That being said, I hope people don't think this game is a replacement for the HoMM game style. I don't think that that is the goal for this game. I see it more like Final Fantasy Tactics to true Final Fantasy (and by that, I mean nothing past Final Fantasy 7). Final Fantasy Tactics is a solid, beautiful game on its own, which pushes Final Fantasy to new territory, but it's not supposed to usurp true Final Fantasy games. Clash of Heroes will hopefully introduce Might and Magic to new players who probably (and sadly) have never heard of the franchise.</blockquote>