D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited Already Thriving

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D&D Online: Eberron Unlimited Already Thriving

Postby GameBanshee News » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:04 pm

Despite the fact that Eberron Unlimited is only available to former subscribers at the moment, Turbine <a href="http://kotaku.com/5353062/free+to+play-ddo-unlimited-already-thriving">claims</a> to have already sold millions of points (at roughly $12 per 1000) within the free-to-play MMORPG.<br><blockquote>"They all got a ton of points for being loyal subscribers, for being in the beta. We weren't really expecting a ton of sales...they had no incentive to. They already had access to all of the content as VIP subscribers, and we just gave them a buttload of points."<br><br>With a buttload of points and access to all of the premium content through in-game quests, one wouldn't expect the early access folks would need more points. One would also be mistaken, apparently.<br><br>"They've gone through their points, and we've already sold millions more Turbine points, and we've not even opened up the world to the public yet."<br><br>And what is selling? What would subscribers rather pay for than unlock through in-game means?<br><br>"The hottest selling items are the new Favored Soul class, which is unlockable in game, but all of our subs just went ahead and spent points on it, unlocked it, and they're playing it right now. We're real excited for September 9th when we open the world up to everyone else."</blockquote>