Guild Wars 2 Preview

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Guild Wars 2 Preview

Postby GameBanshee News » Mon Sep 07, 2009 10:54 pm

GameSpy has kicked up <a href="">a very short preview of Guild Wars 2</a> that sums up what little we know about the persistent RPG sequel so far.<br><blockquote>The quick version of what's going down on the continent of Tyria as Guild Wars 2 opens: Elder dragons -- massive and ancient beings who exist to corrupt and devour everything they lay eyes (or teeth) on -- have awakened, and boy, do they need dealin' with. Fortunately, heroes from each of Tyria's trademark racial groups (humans, minotaur-like Charr, hulking battle-thirsty Norn, alien-lookin' Asura, and tree-hugging Sylvari) are up to the task.</blockquote>