Borderlands Preview

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Borderlands Preview

Postby GameBanshee News » Mon Sep 07, 2009 8:06 am

Yet another hands-on Borderlands preview has come out of the Penny Arcade Expo, and this time it's over at <a href="">Thunderbolt</a>.<br><blockquote>Borderlands plays like a cross between Fallout 3 and Call of Duty - the controls are simple, tight, and clearly oriented to standard first person shooter fare. However, the underlying mechanics are far deeper. Borderlands lets you choose from four starting classes, each represented by a unique character model that can be tweaked slightly at a “New-You” machine. (these also serve as respawn points) The slick controls ease the player into the experience; however, enemies have RPG-style health bars above their heads, guns all have their own statistics, and missions are handled with a quest-list that is strikingly similar to something that would be found in an MMO.</blockquote>