Werid Lareth bug?

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Werid Lareth bug?

Postby Xen » Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:17 am

I recently started playing TOEE and so far i've been really enjoying it. I have the latest circle eight mod pack with all the new content and its been great.

However i have had a few issues.
The biggest one right now is with Lareth. I went into the Moathouse and after bribing the Gnolls to show me where he is i sneaked past all the guards with my rogue and got into his room, i then stole his diary.

After stealing his diary, i spoke to him and he then grabbed it off me and marked some places on my map, which i'm assuming was the villiage Nulb. After giving me the evil speech and saying he was going to kill me the convo ended and he said "ouch" after that he was in my party. WTF? we didn't fight at all, combat never started.

We both sneaked out and found the entire room that had the army of guards there were gone, replaced by one guard however the guards in the hallway remained.

We got out and i did a new save to see what would happen. I went back to town, Hommlet and he left. He took me to the temple when i reloaded and betrayed me, so i reloaded again and killed him and read his diary.

So now what do i do? I went back to Rannos as i am play a Chaotic Evil party and he had nothing new to say. I guess i have to kill everything in that place right? I didn't get a quest in my log book to take everyone out in that place as well, he just told me to..
Anyway it was pretty werid and anticlimatic what happened and i'm guessing that was not supposed to happen. So what was all that about, was that a bug?