Paida Quest- WTH??? Spoiler

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Paida Quest- WTH??? Spoiler

Postby qwerty1971 » Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:38 am

So my party saves Paida by casting 2 dispel magic spells on her and the exotic concubine. Paida comes to her senses but after that dialogue, the exotic attacks us. Quick work is made of her using non lethal damage thinking she may come to her senses- she doesn't. We lead Paida out and take her back to Hommlett. When we get insed Valden's house and do the dialogue, my Paladin ends it with the no money is needed for saving your wife (he's a Paladin right). Then Paida and Valden attack us, before I could get anyone in my party to figth non lethal, the two move near my fighters/monks who use their combat reflexes for free attacks and kill them both. Is that a glitch? Did I do something wrong? Should I have taken the 100 gp for her rescue?