improved monk fists 4.0

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improved monk fists 4.0

Postby lefuet » Wed May 08, 2013 2:32 pm

improved monk fists mod for IWD2 (new version 4.5, file attached)

author: lefuet
wanted to give monk fists the chance to keep up with ever better magical weapons
decrease micromanagement by automatizing the stun effect
some interesting effects at higher levels to deepen/enrich the monk feeling

- copy files to override folder to activate
- remove these files from override folder to deactivate
you can do this in the middle of a game (just save and reload)

what is changed:
weapon type of monk fists is now axes (monks are proficient in axes):
- they profit from weapon proficiency (in axes)
- the critical threat range is 19-20 x3 (they are also keen weapons now)
The enchantment (Ki strike) you gain at L8+1 (L10+2, L13+3, L16+4, L21+5) now also counts as to hit and damage bonus (like all +x weapons).
There is now an automatic chance to stun opponents (getting stronger with monk levels and starting with Ki strike).
L13 undead and outsiders must make a Fortitude save or be disrupted
L16 Freedom of Movement
L21 Impervious Sanctity of Mind
L26 Executioner's Eyes, Haste (faster than normal Haste)

level: damage
01-03: 2d3 + 1d3 (10%) normal
04-07: 2d4 + 1d4 (20%) normal
08-09: 2d5 +1 + 1d5 (20%) normal + 1d5 (10%) magical (+1 Weapon) + stun(10%)
10-11: 2d6 +2 + 1d6 (20%) normal + 1d6 (10%) magical (+2 Weapon) + stun(10%)
12-12: 2d6 +2 + 1d6 (25%) normal + 1d6 (15%) magical (+2 Weapon) + stun(15%)
13-15: 2d8 +3 + 1d8 (25%) normal + 1d8 (25%) magical (+3 Weapon) + stun(25%) D
16-20: 2d10+4 + 1d10(50%) normal + 1d10(50%) magical (+4 Weapon) + stun(50%) D,FM
21-25: 2d10+5 + 1d10 normal + 1d10 magical (+5 Weapon) + stun D,FM,ISM
26-xx: 2d10+5 + 1d10 normal + 1d10 magical (+5 Weapon) + stun D,FM,ISM,EE,H
+ 1d10 fire

D = Disruption (outsiders and undead)
FM = Freedom of Movement
ISM = Impervious Sanctity of Mind
EE = Executioner's Eyes
H = Haste (300% movement speed)
(normally _all_ hasted characters have 200% like the unhasted high level monk)

stun(x%) = x% chance that target is stunned
stuns for 1/2 round at lvl 10 to 1.5 rounds at lvl 21+
Fortitude saves but gets penalized with growing monk levels

normal movement is 100%
with increasing monk levels the movement is upgraded to about 200%
haste sets the movement rate to 200% (like boots of speed) so the movement bonus of a hasted monk is lost
(if you use an item that grants only a slight movement bonus your monk can actually get slower)

- be careful, you are not the only monk out there (I have a hard time against broken khree from the lost followers)
- with customdll monkfists (axes!) become finessable and can also profit from weapon specialization
- you can use some of the excellent throwing axes for even more synergy (if you can stop using your fists ;)

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Postby lefuet » Wed May 22, 2013 8:47 am

new version 4.5
now with file attached (see first post)

he is great fun to play :D

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Postby MasterDarkNinja » Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:21 pm

I've played around with your mod, and it is a lot of fun, it sucks being forced to switch to a non-fist weapon on a monk, and doesn't feel much like role playing at all.

I did notice one bug however, or perhaps more like a conflict with my other mods. I have the level 40 max level mod, and after you cross into level 31, your fists revert to the normal non-monk fists that do hardly any damage at all.

After a bit of playing around and guess work in Dale Keeper I easily got around the bug, by giving my monk the level 30 fists in their weapon slot.
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Postby lefuet » Wed Nov 27, 2013 8:08 pm

thank you for your feedback! I'm happy you enjoyed the new monk. :)

hmm, to the bug. I never noticed. But thinking about it now, i might have switched to another class after gaining the last importend monk level 26. Glad you found a solution with dalekeeper. Since I only changed and added effects to the existing monk fists, this looks like a bug of the L40 extender. Did you install all the files it needs?

i found an interesting second class for the monk (not before monk L26 though, monks become too awesome to delay their final level) is the new (modded) druid. fits well with wisdom and some nice spells. a monk26/ druid 13 has heal and a ton of other interesting options.

another great combination for the new monk is using customdll to make focused weapons finessable. then if you increase Dex instead of Wis you gain Attack boni and AC.

P.S.: if you use the L40 max level mod and have spellcasters. Most (all?) spells are hardcapped at L30. I increased 2 interesting spells to L40.
- Delayed Blast Fireball at L40 now does 40d8 = 40-320 damage to all creatures in a 30 feet radius
- Draw upon holy might: Now a L39 cleric casts Duhm for +13 Str, +13 Dex and +13 Con
you find these two spells here: