IM DUMB!! wheres mournhold??

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IM DUMB!! wheres mournhold??

Postby vampirehunter » Sun Mar 28, 2004 9:40 pm

im a sad, sad, sad newbie to this game, and i want to find mournhold, but i cant find it, and im too lazy to follow the main quest to eventually get to it, please help!!!
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Postby Sojourner » Sun Mar 28, 2004 10:49 pm

You can't get there until you're attacked in your sleep. When that happens, check your journal.
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Postby SLAYER (TIM) » Mon Mar 29, 2004 1:55 am

Then go to ebonheart :)


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Postby Digitalchimp » Mon Mar 29, 2004 2:49 am

and you know who's in mournhold...
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Postby Indianasmith » Mon Mar 29, 2004 7:01 pm

Who's in Mournhold?

Merchants with lots of money, that's who!
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Postby 100% Fake » Thu Apr 01, 2004 7:52 am

what he actually meant was the guy that ask's you for money in mournhold!!! i hate him! but anyway......

if your like me and you get to ebonheart only to find that it isnt there....load a previous save! i lost my whole game because of a glitch there! oh and npc's can drown!!! and sometimes there death mess' with the game!
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