What is Arcanum like?

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What is Arcanum like?

Postby AbysmalNature » Thu Dec 06, 2001 6:34 pm

My brother has bought the game, and in one week I go home, so I was going to play it, is it really worth it to play it or what. Also are there any bugs that are problem, is it as slow as Baldur's Gate, is the game fun, otherwise I think that my brother will return it. Is it as good as Baldur's Gate II or what?
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Postby average joe » Thu Dec 06, 2001 10:29 pm

well, it's all a matter of opinion. i think it's a great game so far. i love the fact that they've included the things D&D was always missing...TECHNOLOGY. Character customization is very diverse, allowing for you to play a completely different character each time.

The only complaint I have so far is that there are too many high level characters. It seems every townsperson is like level 20 or something. You've got to be extremely careful of who you talk to and anger. Luckily, however, you can see what level the NPCs are.
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Postby Dimensional » Fri Dec 07, 2001 2:34 am

Arcanum Has its Ups and it's Downs Just like any game

Cool Tech and Stuff!!!
Cool MAgic and stuff!!(strangly both seem overpowered at times - not like i'm complaining of course)
totaly customizable character development
interseting story
World editor
Interesting NPC's

Combat - While not that bad when you get used to it, you never get that that was such a cool battle feeling that you got from BG2(killing the dragons for thye first time)
graphics - everyone will mention this, actualy their not bad it's just that they are not realy anything special
NPS'c AI IS - well lets just say sub optimal and leave it at that.

Overall Aracnum Is a cool game which with a bit more Polish could have been an awsome game (+ a bit more exploration of the tech/magic conflict and the whole industrialization theme)

Yes it's worth keeping and playing

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Postby Lykard » Tue Dec 11, 2001 7:40 am

I was about to buy it. I'm a big fan of mages and I was wondering how those characters would be represented in the game. Are the spells any good? :P

My brother would probably go for the tech option. :mad:

Any idea of how's the characer creation?
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Postby fable » Tue Dec 11, 2001 7:59 pm

Character creation is one of the game's strong points. You have enormous flexibility in designing your character, far beyond even what's allowed in the Fallout series. You basically get to choose a host of stats, races, fighting and theft skills, and tech and/or magic skills/spells. Plus, of course, the usual kind of backgrounds that add and subtract from your basic stats.
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Postby JosephCSu » Thu Dec 13, 2001 7:59 am

I played for awhile. I get my butt kicked in combat. Before I figure out what is going on all my guys died really fast. I don't think there is a balance between tech and magic which makes tech useless.

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Postby justAidan » Mon Dec 17, 2001 4:32 pm

In a few words.
Closest thing to it is fallout, the freedom where you go, what you do and who you are.
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Postby Whailor » Wed Jan 16, 2002 4:46 am

If you are getting your "butt kicked" Viagra, then go to Options first and set the combat to be Turn Based. That will let you to have it a bit easier, as you can plan your next move ahead. Also check the levels of the NPC's compared to yours - going at lvl 1 against 4 lvl 3 ailing wolves aint a good idea..

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Postby patroklos » Mon Feb 04, 2002 6:49 am

It is also very adictive... I mean very, very, very adictive ! :)

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Postby samcu » Wed Jun 19, 2002 12:26 am

Hi all,
I had been playing fallout for the first time for the past month and loved it. Right now playing a bit of majesty and AOE2...

I played the demo of Acranum a long time ago and I thought it was fun. However, it was very different from the games that I played eg Starcraft, Pharoah, BG1, BG2, D1 and D2.

Now I am thinking whether I should buy Fallout 2 or Acranum first. Do you guys have any ideas?
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Postby samcu » Sat Jun 22, 2002 12:34 am

Well Unclescratchy, I think I will definately give it a try, although this game sounds like you have to play it a few times to get the hang of it... not that there's anything wrong with that! :D
Sorcery and Shadow together as one, the arcane and the dark united. Through our knowledge and skill none can stand against us. We are as one, infallible and invincible. The Shadow Mages.