Item equipping bug question

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Item equipping bug question

Postby Brerlappin » Sat Jul 09, 2005 12:58 am

Hello again

I did a search, but I'm not sure exactly what is going on. I started a game with a sorcerer. I'm using a party. I've been doing quests in chapter 2, and I decided I did not want the refinements HLA's installed (which also uninstalled swash imoen, but i do not have her yet). I quit BG 2, reran refinements, and uninstalled HLA's component. when i went started BG 2 up again and loaded my game, all my sorcerer's equipment (except for one of those stone's for headgear) was redded out and i was unable to reequip it. None of my other characters have this problem. I've tried restarting the program, reloading other games, and resting for days, moving to other areas. None of these change it, I am also unable to equip anything else. I think this is because I uninstalled the HLA component of refinements, but I'm not sure. I'm playing with ascension, some improved battles, apack, dungeon be gone, refinements, items upgrade. and it's completely patched and ToB.
Thanks again for your patience

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Postby Littiz » Sat Jul 16, 2005 4:14 am

I'm trying to think about a possible reason but I can't find any.
While uninstalling a mod half-way through a game is always risky, this specific problem definitely cannot be a regular issue with Refinements, since we don't touch usability flags for sorcerers in any way, and it never happened to us (and we installed/uninstalled the mod hundreds of times).
I'm thinking about some uninstallation-ordering conflict with other mods maybe... Can you share some more details, or an edited item file?
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