Stuck on Draconis

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Postby someonelse » Sat Jul 03, 2004 1:46 pm

Here's the cheesy way I managed to kill Draconis, but you need a high level thief (though not for easy way of killing human form.)

1. Reload from where you haven't talked to D. yet.
2. Bring your thief up to just out of D.'s field of vision. This is about at the top of the large circle on the ground.
3. Set the maximum number of traps possible in the area, resting between if needed.
4. Bring thief back near entrance with rest of party.
5. Bring mage/cleric up just out of view. Cast area effect spells slightly back from where D. is standing (still not hostile). It's possible to do this without being seen. You may want to cast farsight to see where he is.
6. Move mage and cleric back to safety.
7. D. will just stand there and take damage. Magic resistance will negate some of the effects, but if you cast enough spells he will eventually die.
8. You've now defeated mage form without taking any damage. If you set enough traps, he should die almost immediately after turning into a dragon. If not, you have the choice to close in to finish him off, or leave the area and regroup.

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Postby Lord Asriel » Wed Sep 04, 2013 5:47 pm

After 9 years of some post, here is my way to beat Draconis, and it is easily done by the original poster's party. Edwin will be the key character, and must have the Robe of Vecna equipped.

1a)Buff Edwin with stoneskin, resist fear, protection from magic energy, spell immunity:abjuration, and spell shield. Note how the latter protects not only from dispel magic, but also from wing buffet!!!
Have him cast a spell trigger with 3x lower resistance.
1b) Cut Draconis' human form down quick. 1a) should be completed before 1b), but not long enough so the buffs wear out!
2) Cast Improved alacrity. The fun begins.
3) Cast Spellstrike/Ruby Ray of reversal to remove his minor spell protection. This will take 1/10th of a round
4) Use the spell trigger on him. Instant.
5) Cast greater malison on him. Instant.
6) Cast all of Edwin's skull traps on him. Instant. Usually need about 6.
7) If you feel unsafe, throw in some cones of cold or chain lightnings on him, each 1/10th of a round.