Mod Order Help Please ?

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Mod Order Help Please ?

Postby Sydney » Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:02 am

I am trying to play BG2 using some mods. In the past I have never used more then one, maybe two quest mods. I have googled mod orders and havent found any really helpful on which order to put the mods I want to play. I am not sure how to tell which are weidu and which aren't. Here are the mods and the order I have been putting them in. I get some wonky things happening.
Bg2 Fixpack
Magnificent Magic Shop
Boards of Magic
Freedoms Reign and Vitrtue

The Darkest Day
The White Qween
Tower of Deception
The Quest Pack

Fake Import
Dungeon Be Gone
High Level Abilities

Aruen ( Changed into a Holy Avenger paladin)
Tyris (Changed into a cleric)

Megamod Kit Remover ( TO make room for the Holy Avenger Kit)
MegaMod Kits
Holy Avenger Kit

BG2 Tweeks ( I susualy only do a few select choices)
Level 1 Npcs

So thats the order. I tried trying to use various info from googling mod orders, but I must have comflicting mods somewhere or somthing. I dont know. If somone could help I would be ne happy girl!

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Postby Viperswhip » Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:06 am

GoG has an install order. I really only use BGT and portrait packs, so I haven't used any of the ones you are using, besides the fixes.

Check this page

And generally follow the order, I think it goes fixes, then tweaks, and then your mods, but even then I would stick all the kits and companion tweaks up top of the order behind the fixes and tweaks, along with fake import and the high level abilities and such. Areas and quests added should really be last. This is kind of based of my experience modding Oblivion, which was the worst modding experience of my life, I but I did eventually install over 100 mods and didn't get any crashes.