Berserker > Thief

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Berserker > Thief

Postby mrdeluxe » Mon May 20, 2013 3:36 pm

Hello there!

This is a follow up of [url='']this thread[/url] but I'm writing in here due to spoilers for ToB, particularly of a particular NPC.

So, I created a Berserker for BG1 and, while it's very, very strong, I'm considering dualing him to a Thief at the end of BG1 or the start of BG2. This is because I want to use a minimal party through the games: just the CHARNAME, Imoen and Viconia through BG1 and BG2 (picking up Yoshimo until Spellhold). This will give me a Fighter, a Thief/Mage and a Cleric.

Later on, on ToB, Big Brother will join the party, giving me a second Fighter.

Considering this, a have a few questions:

  • When to dual the Berserker? I believe the optimal time is level 13, but this would mean I would be without a front-line fighter for a long time until I regain my Fighter levels. How good of a fighter would I be if I dualed at level 8/9? On the other hand, dualing earlier would mean I wouldn't have a need for Yoshimo.
  • And what proficiencies should I invest in for a Berserker > Thief? Long Swords will give me more variety, but Katanas are probably the best backstabbing one-handed weapons (due to their speed and 1d10). Besides, dual-wielding Celestial Fury/Hindo's Doom and Scarlet Ninja-To sounds badass.
  • A final question: After I regain my Berserker levels, can I increase my proficiencies up to grandmastery, like I could before dualing into a thief? That way I could invest in Long Swords during BG1 and Katanas in BG2.
Thank you!

P.S.: This one is a little stupid, but can a Berserker > Thief wear helms? o_O

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Postby vaypah » Tue May 21, 2013 3:00 pm


1) The main reason to dual at lvl 13 is for the extra 1/2 attack. If you feel that is worth the delay to your "recovery" of your fighter levels, go ahead. Personally I'd just dual at lvl 9 for the HP and call it a day.

2) Katanas have the 2 quite large problems: they are rare, so there's not that many to go around - this is somewhat mitigated by your small party size - and Celestial Fury is stuck at +3 enchantment, which kinda sucks in the later parts of ToB - this can also be mitigated if you have the item upgrade mod(from WeiDU, I believe). Further more, the Scarlet Ninja-To is classified as, as such it's in scimitar/wakizashi/ninja-to proficiency category.

3) Yes.

4) The PS question: Yes.

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Postby Keidin » Fri May 24, 2013 6:50 am

Level 13 for the bonus attack is my guess.But you lack fights skills so maybe bring korgan along until you hit 14 lvl thief.If you want katanas ,yes try item uprgade and item pack.The 1st for cf +5 and the 2nd for dakkons +4