Any good?

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Any good?

Postby Thehalfelf » Fri Oct 05, 2001 1:17 pm

Somebody told me that greater Whirlwind sucks when playing a Archer. Is this true? I thought ten shots before the enemy can reach me really rocks!! What should i pick for my highlevel abilities?
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Postby Craig » Fri Oct 05, 2001 1:31 pm

yes go on
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Postby General » Fri Oct 05, 2001 4:21 pm

In a way it does, because you can cast improved haste and I believe that gives you 9 attacks a round. used with the ability to do maximum damage per attack, you should easily get more damage than with whirlwind
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Postby chemdem » Wed Oct 10, 2001 11:53 pm

Archers can make 10 attacks/round normally when enchanted by improved haste and using improved gauntlets of weapon specialization or Tungan Bow.

I would suggest smite and critical strike to maximize the utility of your archer.

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Postby Zaha » Thu Oct 11, 2001 4:49 am

Whirlwind's great with weapons that usually get few hits per turn. Choose whirlwind with Keldorn, whacking 10 times per round with Carsomyr is fun...