New MP Game - Party Advice

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New MP Game - Party Advice

Postby MoreCoffee » Mon Feb 18, 2013 5:49 pm

Hi there!

It's been years and years since I've been here, but I ordered a new copy of BGII:ToB as I seem to have lost my old version. I just couldn't resist.. :)

So, anyway, I would like to start of with a powerful party in Multiplayer. For starters I'll just play the vanilla game, but if I like it, I'd like to take the party to some of the harder mods. As it's been quite some time since I've played the game, I'm looking for some good advice. Perhaps I've missed something, perhaps you could give me some good ideas, etc.

Here we go!
  • Sorceror - the usual stuff
  • Kensai -> Mage - I'd like to try out Shapechange, along with perhaps AoU & Belm?
  • Ranger / Cleric - Flail of Ages & DoE? Could get 85% physical dmg reduction
  • Blade - Carsomyr, Human Flesh, etc. I'd like to see whether this character can survive the front ranks!
  • Mage / Thief - Staff of the Magi / Ram. Backstab, etc.
So, where do I stand when it comes to weapon choices? Anything odd? Something wrong? Would you ditch any of the chars?

Also: what would you recommend as a sixth char? I have the feeling I'm missing so many, many great weapons. Angurvadal, Blackrazor, Foebane, Hindo's Doom, Runehammer, Crom Faeyr! I don't care much for ranged weapons, as you might've noticed. Perhaps a Berserker -> Cleric to take care of the Runehammer & Crom? A Kensai -> Thief? Another Kensai -> Mage?

The chars so far have been picked so they can survive (hopefully) a few mods. I'd like it if the sixth char also fit that bill.

Thanks in advance!