Game Crashing Problem

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Game Crashing Problem

Postby HighElfSorceress » Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:44 pm

I seriously think Throne of Bhaal hates me, I only just got it to run properly and make my computer stop thinking it's an untrusted program and now this. But anyway, so just now I ran ToB just fine and went to load my save, and when I did, the game crashed. I was like "Maybe my save is screwed up, I'll just use the autosave", so I did that, and the game crashed again. It does it with all my saves. I shut my computer down and tried again, still didn't work, so don't suggest that (restarting the computer seems to be everyone's solution). Yeah that's about it, not quite as complicated as my last problem with this game. If it makes any difference, I have Windows 7 and I'm running ToB in compatibility mode because it doesn't recognize the disc otherwise. I'd appreciate a (simple enough for me to understand without my head exploding) answer as soon as possible, thanks in advance!
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