Romance stuck. Bug? *spoilers*

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Romance stuck. Bug? *spoilers*

Postby Arch_Angel » Wed Aug 22, 2001 6:21 am

*Spoilers Included*

Hey guys, sorry but I have managed to run into a problem with the aerie romance. I am at the end of the game with only Mellisan to kill, Aerie is pregnant and I have not said anything horibble to her to stuff things up. I have just killed Demogorgan at watchers keep and have nothing else to do, but the baby still isn't born! The last dialogue I got from Aerie was when she pulled Imoen away to have a few words to her about me. I've had nothing since. I've tried leaving the game running for a few hours, I've even tried to sleep for over 100 days and still nothing! :mad: Is there anyway to force the next dialogue? Has anyone else had this kind of problem? I have the latest patch installed and am totally out of ideas as to what triggers the next dialogue. I have done searches in the forums already but have turned up nothing. :(
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Postby seanthony » Wed Aug 22, 2001 8:06 am

well, i have already romanced with aerie so i think i can help. i also didnt get much response from her when she got pregnant. i MIGHT be wrong, so save u game before u proceed what i am about to tell u.

just carry on with the game, leave the pocket plane for the last time and go to fight mellisan. if i am not mistaken, after doing that, somehow aerie will open a dialogue (the final one) about her pregnancy. if that doenst work.. i'm sorry! haha.. but it should.

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Postby Raidri » Wed Aug 22, 2001 9:39 am

-possible SPOILER-

Arch_Angel, you may try the following:

After Aerie get's pregnant she talks I think three more times to me.
1. I don't remember very good but she tells you to keep her pregnancy as a secret (or something).

2. Aerie and your hero marry. During my game it happened after I had beaten the Ravager.

3. During my fight with Mellisan after she returns to the mana shrine I paused the game for more than a hour. After that Aerie gave birth to a child. :)

I think the last two dialogues are based on REAL TIME not GAME TIME.

Hope you get some hinds.
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Postby Bloodstalker » Fri Aug 24, 2001 10:21 am

well, related topic here, I was wondering if romances progress through watchers keep? I had my last conversation with Jaheira before going there, completed the whole thing, did Sendi and abazigal and STILL no new dialog. I even left the game paused for about 1-2 hours and still nothing.....
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