Beating Ascension Ravager as a solo sorcerer

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Beating Ascension Ravager as a solo sorcerer

Postby MasterDarkNinja » Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:09 pm

I installed the Ascension mod a few years ago in Baldur's Gate 2 and found it quite fun and loved the changes when I was soloing as warrior classes.

But now, I'm doing a solo as a sorcerer, and the ridiculously buffed up ravager is driving me crazy. Among it's changes, from what I've learned battling it.

-Can only be harmed by +4 weapons or higher
-A crazy high magic resistance
-Immune to a heck of the lot of spells, including all forms of lower magic resistance
-Dispels upon hit, so shape shifting into something that can hit hard like the Slayer is a no go
-Over 400 HP, maybe over 500 even
-Immune to Timestop
-Does not regenerate (thank god, otherwise this would be impossible)
-6 constantly respawning as soon as they're dead bone blades

I DID beat the Ravager, but it took me over 3 and a half game hours and 100+ potions to do so, which is roughly 15 to 20 minutes real time, excluding all the time I spent with my game paused (probably another 40 minutes), so yeah, I REALLY need a better way to kill the Ravager next time around, one that won't take over an hour.

I tried all sorts of different strategies against the Ravager.

-Summon tons of fallen planars and animated dead and mork's swords. None of them could put a dent in the ravager's armor, though they did act as a giant meat shield for me

-Use a ton of lower magic resistance and then pound away with stuff like Abi-Dalzim's horrid wilting and other evocation spells. The ONLY spell I found that could hit the Ravager SOME of the times is Skull Trap, and even there, you'd be lucky if you can get 2 out of 6 or 7 of skull traps to hit and deal over 35 damage. Energy Blades also hit enough of the time to be worthwhile, but you'll get a lot of misses from your low THACO

-Use a bunch of project images/simulations to pound away at the Ravager (skull traps killed my own meat shields, project images couldn't use energy blades, and simulations couldn't cast energy blades, so I was forced to use staff of the magi and sling of Everard on a simulation together with my sorcerer to pound away while the meat shields distracted the ravager and the swords)

The way I eventually beat the Ravager was like this.

-Equip the best regeneration items possible (for me 2 rings of Gaxx, +2 HP every 3 seconds, I used pick pocket bug with Jan to get the second one)
-Summon a few project images before the battle, spawn dozens of summon meat shields of planars, animated dead, and mork's swords.
-Start battle, summon simulation, have simulation walk up to Ravager and start pounding away with it's staff while the ravager and bone blades focus on my meat shields.
-Have sorcerer cast Energy blades and use up all their blades until you run out of level 9 spells.
-Have sorcerer either hit Ravager with it's staff, or with it's sling
-If simulation wears off, summon another, if Ravager attacks sorcerer or simulation run away and pound at it with the sling for a while, then try to get it with the staff again if possible
-After you lose all meat shields the Ravager should at the very least be down to Injured, if not reload and try again, unless you have nothing to do for the next 2+ hours and have at least 150+ extra healing potions on your sorcerer (9 and 10 HP healing potions can be useful in some situations to preserve your higher quality potion supply).
-Have sorcerer and simulation use all skull traps up (perhaps just the simulation, until you're out of level 8 spells, so you can cast more skull traps long term) while running around the room during cooldown moments
-Have sorcerer and simulation run around in circles while Ravager throws knives and bone blades chase you. Hit Ravager with sling of Everard whenever possible, keep stoneskin and blur up on sorcerer and simulation. Drink potions as often as possible if missing 20 or more HP.
-At times you can risk using protection from magic and hitting Ravager with your stuff (double damage over the sling), but be careful, Ravager can knock you out for a few seconds when it wears off, and bone blades and Ravager can bring your HP down fast when it wears off.
-Repeat process of running around room like a chicken with it's head cut off while throwing rocks at the Ravager. EVENTUALLY Ravager reaches 0 HP and dies.

Even at 'Near Death' the Ravager still took like over 120, maybe over 150 damage before he finally died, so it WILL take a while.

So, anyone have a better idea how to beat the Ravager, and beat him more quickly in the Ascension mod with just a wizard or sorcerer in your party?
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