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The price must be payed! (State Secrets, George Lucas, Camer

Posted: Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:51 pm
by TheFirst
Greetings good Buck! And to Bestusernameever (if he is still around)!

I used to be a regular here. My name was childofbhaal (i know, original) something, with the avatar of a leech mage from IWD. I didnt have time to read the news lately because life was harsh to me and duty was heavy too... but: I am back. I really liked your site when I had time to play instead of playing world savior IRL.

The price must be payed I:

Warning: this is just the beta version of my book, and a 9 months old version. I will try to make updates every two weeks at least. This book is not my story, it was written to save the suffering of earth (that will be the second, if it ever happens, look at my notes, how much work it is still). It was not made for any kind of profit, feel free to read, share, copy and spread it freely.

I am just the second person attempting to save humanity from the nazi monsters, the first one was the hero of America, George Lucas (maker of Star Wars), just nobody did believe him because he did not die. I am hoping that you will be able to see what he has written a decade ago. I will update this later if nobody can find his work. The work of the two of us should be read together. We did have the same goal.

YouTube channel with more than 200 videos:
Photobucket: ... rue&page=1
Save to your hard drive and seed!
Here is the link to the work document!(Book) ... p=drivesdk

I will be back soon but you know, I am not in safety.

I am the second good person on earth. Outside me and Lucas nobody tried to save the people from the nazi monsters. I do have friends though: Ukraine, and to a lesser extent Austria and the Bundespolizei of Germany. And lots of Netherlands policeman!

To mods: I am the author of all this and it is all free. To read, to spread, to copy, to use, to anything.

If you do do take it down please study it and put it back once you realize that I am fighting the good fight for the suffering people and tens of millions of them. It is good PR for this forum too that this can be read here. Thank you!

Re: The price must be payed! (State Secrets, George Lucas, C

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:07 pm
by TheFirst
New YouTube videos!

State Secrets of Germany!


Download, hide it, seed it!