who said this?

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who said this?

Postby XtraniuM » Sat Jul 07, 2001 6:57 pm

IMHO this is the coolest qoute ever, but I can't seem to remember who actually sad it.. can anyone of you help me?

the qoute is:

"F*ck you, and f*ck the horse you rode in on"

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C Elegans
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Postby C Elegans » Sun Jul 08, 2001 9:23 am

Husband says it's from a film, Varsity Blues. Guy who says it is someone named Billy-Bob.
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Postby Georgi » Sun Jul 08, 2001 2:56 pm

ROFL :D @CE I am impressed that your husband can remember any of the script from that film... ;)
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