Elemental Battlemage

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Elemental Battlemage

Postby Claudius » Fri Apr 05, 2013 7:15 pm

Two Worlds 1

Early levels

Trainers - the first strategy in building is to get training without spending gold. You can train for 100 early in the game at the same trainer you pay 30000 later. Also if you do the training early you reap the benefit of the soul patcher earlier = more power early.

Soul Patcher - Once you have trained in all of the skills possible you will use the soul patcher to unlevel everything so that you have zeros in skills that you will never use. This frees up the skillpoints to something you DO need or like.

Trainers 2 - The first trainer is where the Brotherhood questgiver is complaining about bandits doing a protection racket. You can train some bow skills. The next trainer is in a hidden rocky area near the first trainer I mention. The third trainer is in Thabarkin. You might agro silver wolves (which there are some tactics). But you can just run from them up to the city door if you want. The fourth trainer is in the Brotherhood camp northeast of komorin (check map online). You can get here using the sneak skill to get around bandit camps and wolves; save your game often. The fifth trainer is a necromancer and he is in the city near gorellin that can be accessed only fighting normal wolves and boars and climbing up a mountain near the lake where the bandit gang is hiding. The sixth and final trainers are in Catholon. You will need to go down the beach and kill wyverns eventually cutting across the path from Thabarkin to Cathalon and going south. Wyverns are beaten with the same tactic as silver wolves, the poke and backstep. You will need more vitality than the silver wolves if you get hit. You also need dotted toadstool maybe to cure/block poison. You might need to level. The berserk skill you get in the brothers outpost makes killing them easier due to hugely accelerated damage. The tactic is to poke with a spear and then jump back.

Poke and Jump back - This is used on animals and golems and cyclops and bears etc. They don't have shields. You can poke and jump back over and over. Wolves and boars too. With berserk they go down fast.

Berserk - Never use this against humanoids because a shield blocks the damage. You take +50% more damage and deal +40% damage for the first point. With 10 points you deal 400% damage!! Berserk gives excellent killspeed in the off roads of antaloor; it kills wolves and bears etc very fast.

Bombs or Summons - this build uses summons not bombs because summons become hostile when bombed. You can use nail to explosive 1-3 ranks to help early against enemies you struggle with. Use bombs not traps. For example buy 10 nail bombs and set them against the brotherhood bandit quest. Or set 15 firebombs when taking the grom camp out.

The skill points before you soul patch (after you have trained in every skill) -

critical strike
strong hands
fire 3 (if you get fireshield)
air 1 (heal and bless)
traps 1-3

The skills after soul patch in order of priority -

Alchemy (cook ingredients such as wolf tongues + healing potion for difficult battles. With 10 points you get to make maxed out permanent ingredient potions (save centarium etc for alchemy 10). You can also make the ingredients sell more than the sum of the parts by converting to a potion and then selling.

Stong Hands - More damage. Enough said
Critical Strike - also good damage. You need to realize that button mashing you only have a chance to crit on the first strike of the combo. So hit and wait. Hit. Wait. Hit. Wait. You get the idea. You also need to back jump and avoid being flanked as well.

Locks - scale to the area. Take only up to 20% chance of master lock. Lockpicks are cheap relatively. I think 6 points is the 20% master locks.

Berkserk - put some in here and go wolf/bear hunting to level up.

Balance - you can't heal/run when you are on the ground.

Gold - until soul patching keep a tight budget and only buy things you need such as keeping a good spear for animal hunting. You will use your gold on training and soul patching. Once you have soulpatched the price goes up later so don't mistake what points or you pay money.

What do we do with gold later? spell cards and booster. Keep a relevant weapon but don't stack multiples. Armor.

What armor do I use? Whatever you pick up. Then you take full plate later which you cannot swim in. Pick a set you like out of GB equip that looks cool.. I would only take 650ish because otherwise you are missing on armor. Now target that cool looking set. At a certain point merchants will be selling non-magic sets and you should tour around merchants again and again till you complete the set and stack up copies.

Does magic deal good damage? No. my 35 stacks of fireballs with spell boosters and 15 fire skills only hit for 2000s but my sword was doing 150,000 with berserk and strength of god.

We take 15 in elemental magics, all of them.

Start with 3 fire 1 air
Then add earth until 10 for earth blessing and grapple ivy
Then take water to 15 and earth to 15
Then take air to 15
Then fire to 15

I was dissapointed in fire, but it still had some good summons. They made the game so in single player setting magic damage is imbalanced versus weapon damage

Magic cards to buy YMMV

fire (summons and damage)

wall of fire (only in beginning)
fireshield (only in beginninh)
firefield (causes enemies to stagger,,, paricularly archers... can barbecue while summons agro)
chaos rage 1 card
hellmaster, devil, hell warrior 1 card each...summons get only marginal duration boost relative to the extra mana cost. If you are summoning a lot that eats up your mana too much.

Notes on fire: I might not take fire again because I hoped to deal damage and even with 15-30 stacked cards it never dealt damage. It does have a circle 3, 4, and 5 summon.

earth (first priority to build: shields armor grapple ivy and golems)

Ironskin (for start) 1 card
Magic Hammer (stack in case you can't deal spirit damage any other way.. it has no splash unlike fireball) (I might not take it if I played again)
Stone Golem (for start/beginning) 1 card because a summon
Adamantium shield stack many.. you can stack this with earth blessing and stagger them to not be naked.... also has lighting protection which earth blessing lacks.
Steel Golem 1 card
Grapple Ivy (1 card awesome immobalizer, but fire field very similar and cool looking)
Earth Blessing stack many... bread and butter defense.. gave me 10000 armor late game IIRC
Adamantium golem 1 card
Reflector Shield - for difficult battles


destroy undead
strength of God (I had 25 SoG stacked and it was amazing)
resurrect (this is just used to resurrect dead merchants in Ashos)


Summon Scorpion 1 card
I'm not sure what the best summon is but scorpion competes with the circle 5 earth and fire
Summoning Aura stack (with enough cards stacked you summon 2 summons per cast).. this is awesome.. 2 adamantium golems and 2 scorpions are nice.

Ok so that is the magic. I might not do fire and try necromancy...

The only other skills you need: strong hads, locks, parry,critical, alchemy, berserk

Stoneskin only gives 100 armor maybe and you have 10000 from earthblessing 5000 from adamantium shield and 5000 from stacked platemail.

we spend our gold on spell cards. Gear we just keep 1 copy up to date. Don't get attached to weapons or shield because you might lose and not find the piece due to an axe pull of the shield or a disarming arrow.

mods on gear/rings etc
prot lightning because earth blessing not have lighting
attack - we don't spec much dexterity
defense - ditto

Attributes (these are raised by permanent alchemy google propheet tw to find a guide)

Leave points unspent and raise how it feels you need. I didn't soulpatch just to fix attributes when making perma potion)

At the end these were my attributes

300 vitality + potions in hard battles
170 strength + strength of god
170 magic
80 dex?? I tried to have 50% attack and defense with gear.
Use a spear against animals with no shield, a sword and shield against humanoids... must have shield because they kick dust ie dirty trick. For undead a club and shield, they also kick dust.
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