moving my party

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moving my party

Postby Coot » Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:28 am

Some time ago I told a friend how much I used to enjoy the Baldur's Gate series, especially the interaction with the members of my party. He told me that the Mass Effect series were very similar in that regard.
So I started Mass Effect 1 a few weeks ago and I am enjoying it quite a bit.

One thing that I just can't seem to get right however is ordering my squad members around in a fight. Whenever there are enemies around the members of my team keep shooting at the enemy, and while that's a good thing, they keep standing in the line of fire complaining about their shields going down.
Using the arrows on my keyboard doesn't help a lot: I try to get them to safer positions, like behind rocks but most of the time that's not effective. Often they don't go where I point them to. The 'hold position' command some times works and sometime it doesn't.
My only solution so far is use the weapons and powers of the squad fast enough to kill the enemy before they kill (one of) us.

Suggestions, anyone? Maybe I'm missing smething? In Baldur's Gate I used to disable party AI a lot, to prevent my paryty members from doing things I didn't want them to. Also, when hitting the spacebar, BG paused, allowing you to issue a whole bunch of commands to your party. That's not possible in ME is it (at least not on pc)?

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Re: moving my party

Postby GawainBS » Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:04 am

ME1 just has bad party AI/control. (Not that 2 and 3 are any better.) Nothing you can do that you aren't doing already. You can pause, or at least severely slowdown time, by bringing up the Power menu. I don't know the controls for ME1 by heart anymore, but I'm leaning towards SHIFT or CONTROL.