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New GameBanshee Feature

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2001 11:22 pm
by Flagg
As some of you might already know, AppleBrown and I have been working on a new feature for GameBanshee.

The new feature is called: Point & Counterpoint. It is basically a section in which we will debate about hot topics.

Our first debate is on playing very high levels in an AD&D world. The reason for this debate is of course the upcoming release of the the Throne of Bhaal.

For those of you interested please follow the link:

Please let us know what you think of this type of editorial. We can really use some feedback. You know that we need you to make GameBanshee a better place.

One small request though. To continue the debate please follow the link to the RPG forum. If this item becomes a success, then in the future there will be a new forum just to discuss these kind of articles.

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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2001 7:26 pm
by Vinadri
Its looking good...I've only scanned it so far though (I'll read it fully after I finish studying for Computer Architecture Image). One thing I did notice, and this may just be my eyes, but the font choice/color for your responses was hard to read on my monitor. Now that may just be me, but I figured I'd bring it up Image

Overall, excellent job though!!

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2001 6:17 am
by Applebrown
Thanks for the feedback =) I've changed Flagg's font to be lighter now and it seems much easier to read... it was a very silly reason why I had that darker orangish font, but I think monitors will like this one much better.

Applebrown @
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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:22 am
by Vinadri
My eyes thank you very much. Image Its pretty interesting (just finished page one).

Just a note: Throne of Bhaal won't be the first DnD game to reach level 30 or 40.

Check out Pools of Darkness by SSI (circa 1992?)

Overall, excellent job though (I think I said this already)