Win 7 Invisible Characters

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Win 7 Invisible Characters

Postby Kamikenji » Wed Mar 14, 2012 4:26 am

Trying to run Pool of Radiance RoMD on my Windows 7 computer and I too have been having some of those invisible character problems.

I read an online solution here For those with invisible characters/models/skeleton problems - Boards o' Magick which made the tutorial work! [color="Red"]Tutorial is absolutely fine![/color]

...Why nothing is else is working...beyond me...

Have all the patches too, so I just have run out of ideas as to what to do.

I don't really want to do a virtual machine because my computer is saying I have to go into the BIOS (which I really don't trust myself doing)

But here's everything about my computer if it can help.

Windows 7
Service Pack 1
Processor is AMD Athlon II X4 630

I also read some of the other online solutions here, but they all seem to be for Windows XP and Vista.

This is honestly one of my favourite games. I really hope all of you can help me to get it to work.