HELP: NPCs nearby ArchMage Act 3?

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HELP: NPCs nearby ArchMage Act 3?

Postby andwan0 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:04 am

Am trying to do a ArchMage Fix. The ArchMage in Act 3 is frozen and cannot be hurt, hence basically cannot continue the game to beat Valdis nor continue with same character into Broken World expansion.

Anyway, there's no NPCs to talk to nearby ArchMage so I was hoping to talk to one of the NPCs in Act 3 town, while 1 person in left teleported beside the ArchMage. I overwrote the PetSeller conversation script with the ArchMage-Win-Elevator animation script. Fail.

Does anyone know any nearby NPCs towards ArchMage? Or know how scripting works to get the ArchMage win animation?