question about "A Dark Ohm" quest (bug?)

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question about "A Dark Ohm" quest (bug?)

Postby Vorondil » Sat Jan 06, 2007 9:32 pm

hi i have a prob with the dark ohm quest
i acccepted the quest from lyssanore the mage in amanlu she told me to watch the vaikes at one of their rituals
well i went in the cave where the ritual should be (i took a look at the map of this website to be shure that i am in the ritual cave) but the room is emty... i cant remember
any vaikesh or a cutscene... only some candles (i guess) in the middle of the room...
is this a bug? what can i do? can i cheat to finish the quest?

HELP PLZ :confused:

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tom the terribl
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Postby tom the terribl » Wed Jan 10, 2007 9:43 am

Dark Ohm

You've must have sped through the gaining quest and it didn't record properly. Tough luck. Next game try and read fully and click once for each phrase. I've used the dark ohm in every game I've played in DS I and DS II with no problem.

Look in your Journel and see if you have the Dark Ohm quest. You only need the dark ohm if you intend to talk to the dead. Other wise skip it.