NWN betal tools

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NWN betal tools

Postby humanflyz » Thu May 02, 2002 5:23 pm

I just read a news on GameSpot that Bioware will release a beta version of its Aurora toolset sometime in the near future. What I am wondering is that whether this betal toolset will be shipped with the Beta version of NWN, or is Bioware gonna ship the beta toolset with the final game, or release as a big download, like what Dungeon Siege is planning to do.
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Postby Kayless » Sat May 25, 2002 12:18 pm

I downloaded the Aurora beta from Gamespy a couple of days ago (beware the thing is fricking huge; my dial up connection took about 13 hours to get it). Image I haven't fiddled around with it too much, but so far its looking really good (I need more free time to test this puppy out). Image
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Postby >Pinkit< » Sat May 25, 2002 5:20 pm

It REALLY is great!!