Solo Druid single-class HoF

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Solo Druid single-class HoF

Postby MarcoPoloPNG » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:00 am

So, I'm trying to solo a single-class druid through IWD/HoW/TotLM on Heart of Fury mode.

My summoned animals are as powered-up as the mobs, so once I get some friends with me, its actually quite easy. (Spike Thorns / Entangle really helped in the beginning and it didn't take that long to get high enough level to cast Giant Insects.)

The problem is when I am ambushed right at the start of a level. I need to get some spells off quickly to summon my cannon-fodder, but I get absolutely walloped by the initial attacking monsters. I'm doing the crypts in the Vale of Shadows right now, and the best AC I can get is 1 (Studded leather / =oProt+1 / buckler / 18 dex) or -2 with Barkskin. It's just not good enough against the big'ol baddies in HoF; the skeletons in the crypts usually cream me before I can get a spell off.

Any ideas / strategies to avoid or ignore the mobs at the start of a level? There are only so many invisibility potions around. What defensive buffs / potions / items are available to a druid?