The Forgotten Chests of Pale Pass
Quest Information
Starting Location: Pale Pass
Starting NPC: None
Possible Reward(s): The Circlet of Omnipotence

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This difficult, but well-rewarded, quest does not appear in your journal, and therefore has no specific starting point. You are on your own all the way through. You need first to return to Pale Pass (follow the instructions in "Lifting the Vale" if you have forgotten how to get there).

Once in the area you are looking for three chests. The first contains a key to the second. This in turn contains a key to the chest containing the treasure. You will be harassed all the way by ogres, who seem to have respawned in as great, if not even greater numbers than before. The chests are extremely hard to spot, as they are mostly half buried in the snow.

The weather is always lousy in Pale Pass, so it is best to attempt this quest in the daylight, when there is maximum visibility. Use your blue arrow to mark a chest, if you come across it in the wrong order.

The first chest is to the west, in the second tower of the Old Fort. The second is to the southeast of the Mouth of the Serpent. You need to hop up on to a rock to get at it. The last is to the southwest of the Serpent Trail's entry point, and then uphill to the west. It is a big area and very difficult to search, but the reward of the Circlet of Omnipotence is worth the effort.