Helping Hands
Quest Information
Starting Location: Colovian Traders, Skingrad
Starting NPC: Eyja
Possible Reward(s): A very pretty servant

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This is a ridiculously easy quest, but with a certain charm. Once you have bought Rosethorn, your house in Skingrad (see Game Tips and Hints: "Buying/Acquiring Houses) you will have it furnished by Gunder at Colovian Traders.

If you talk to his very pretty assistant, Eyja, she offers to become your servant for 150 gold and a roof over her head. When you accept, the quest is complete.

If you talk to her later, she will tell you that she is an orphan who was taken in by Gunder as a young girl. She admits that she... er... occasionally shared his bed, but says he treated her like part of the furniture. She is sure she will be happier working for you. Well heck! Yes!

It is at this point you start to regret that this is a virtual reality game and not the real thing.