Quest Information
Starting Location: Crucible
Starting NPC: Earil
Possible Reward(s): 450 Gold

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Earil has a shop on the main stairway of Crucible, one door down from the Museum of Oddities. You will get to hear that he is concerned about a thief called Brithaur, who has been robbing shopkeepers all over New Sheoth. Go and see Earil and he'll offer you a reward to get rid of Brithaur.

Go and fnd Brithaur and he'll insist that he won't give up thieving until his collection of beautiful things is complete. He needs five Flawless Pearls. These can be found all over Shivering Isles and Cyrodiil. If you have your own collection of precious stones stashed on the mainland you will only have to nip back and get them. Otherwise just keep your eyes open while you are completing other quests.

When you give the pearls to Brithaur he will promise never to thieve again. Take the good news to Earil, and he will reward you with 450 gold.