Alpha Protocol Reviews

Reviews of Obsidian Entertainment's Alpha Protocol are getting tougher to find, but I still managed to track down five new ones.

GameCritics gives it a 5.0/10 in their "second opinion":
It's a real shame that Obsidian wasn't able to deliver a level of action commensurate with the role-playing. Once I was able to see past all the warts, there was definitely something of value underneath, and if there ever was a game that deserved an improved sequel, it would be this one. Hopefully people in the industry will take note of the parts of Alpha Protocol that worked, and build on them through new titles in the future. If there's any justice in the world, Thorton's mission will not have been in vain.

GamingExcellence gives it a 6.5/10:
All of this comes together into a generally underwhelming package. Alpha Protocol could have been a really good game, easily on par with Mass Effect, but it fails in almost every way. Even the simplest of aspects to the game are pretty badly flawed and it's pretty inexcusable. This is a game that was supposed to release in October of last year and then had a six month delay at the last minute to be bettered up. If this is the finished product it definitely makes one wonder what the extra time was spent doing since this is just a fairly bland product.

The New York Times doesn't provide a score:
Put bluntly, if you're going to try an (action role-playing game) these days, you cannot expect the storytelling and role-playing elements to make up for slipshod action mechanics. The standard in action games is too high to get away with that anymore.

Primary Ignition gives it a 6.5/10:
This game had a great deal of potential, which makes it all the more frustrating. Alpha Protocol was in development for several years, and yet it still feels rough and unpolished, as if the game never went through beta testing. A few more months in development and Obsidian Entertainment could have crafted one of the most memorable games of 2010. Instead, Alpha Protocol is a mildly enjoyable, but forgettable shooter.

And then GameNorth gives it a 75/100:
When all is said and done, I would recommend that you pick it up to at least try it out, but don't expect an epic experience. The game has its moments, but nothing that you've not seen before if you're into games such as Deus Ex or Mass Effect. Ultimately, Alpha Protocol still feels like it's in Beta testing. Not in all areas, but enough of them to make this game a mediocre experience.