Alpha Protocol Reviews

If you're in the market for some more Alpha Protocol critiques, then you're in luck as a few more reviews have surfaced on the Internet. They're pretty favorable this time, too.

Paste Magazine gives it a 7.3/10:
Alpha Protocol can't seem to decide whether it wants to be an FPS or RPG, and toeing the line here doesn't feel as smooth as it did in Mass Effect. The shooting mechanics can be rather frustrating, and it's hard to ignore the five-year-old graphics and dim-witted AI. The story is gripping enough to be worth playing through, but we can't help but wish there had been more polish.

Game-Pad gives it a 7.1/10:
To conclude, Alpha Protocol is not a bad game. It is just a little bit rough around the edges. If you look past the screen tearing, framerate drops, and some jank, what you'll get out of it is a fun espionage RPG with a lot to do, a good story and decent characters. You could waste 10+ hours of your life with Alpha Protocol and still be 'satisfied', however just don't expect anything spectacular.

ZoKnowsGaming gives it an 8/10:
Don't be fooled by some of the reviews about this game that you have read, play it for yourself and then decide. What I can say though about console choice is that it appears to be much better on PS3 than 360 due to the actual design of the controller and how the control scheme of this game is setup. In the end, Alpha Protocol has captured my imagination and I can't wait to play the next entry into this space.

And then PLAY Magazine calls is the most underrated game of this year:
People who only like shooting games failed to look beyond the ropey combat and see that which was genuinely innovative about the first game veteran studio Obsidian can call its very own. The ingenious dialogue and story systems make for a brilliantly engaging experience.

Couldn't agree more.