Alpha Protocol Preview

The Examiner is next in line to conjure up a preview of Alpha Protocol, and based on the information contained within, we can only assume it's based on some firsthand time with the espionage RPG.
In your travels, you'll come across a wide range of factions, including familiar groups such as the CIA or relatively unknowns such as the VCI Initiative. Each faction has their own motive, alliances and goals, which are tracked through Dossiers. Players will collect information about characters and factions as they encounter them, both enemies and allies alike. In addition to providing you with information about your key targets, completed Dossiers for major figures may also grant special upgrades or abilities.

All of these abilities won't do you justice if you don't look the part. Players will be able to choose from a variety of character customizations, such as hair, eye color and facial hair. Once a spy is created, there are also several outfits that may suit certain situations better than others. Meeting a foreign dignitary in full combat armor might raise some eyebrows, but dressing up in a slick tux would probably give you an edge on the conversation. Either way, the choice is yours.