CD Projekt Shuts Down Metropolis Software

After learning of the Rise of the White Wolf cancellation and company restructuring earlier in the year, GameBanshee has learned from an industry contact that CD Projekt's downsizing moves were not done.

Metropolis Software, purchased in February 2008, was downsized over the year 2009 to around a dozen people still officially on the project in September. Prior to the recent Optimus acquisition and the subsequent market listing of the company, CD Projekt shut down Metropolis Software by letting the final developing and managerial staff go or giving them positions in CD Projekt and CD Projekt: Red.

The FPS Metropolis was working on, They, is said to be "on hold", but with no immediate prospects of the project being continued.

This does not negatively impact the development of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. It appears as if CD Projekt subsidiaries Good Old Games and have not been negatively affected by the company restructuring moves so far.