Obsidian Entertainment Layoffs, Project North Carolina Cancelled

According to a tip we received late last night, Obsidian Entertainment has just cancelled "a future next gen project" (most likely Project North Carolina), resulting in the layoff of approximately 20-30 employees from both that team and the South Park: The Game team.  Adding credence to the tip is a tweet by Obsidian Entertainment animator Andre Nguyen wishing those laid off a speedy recovery at another position elsewhere in the industry:
Fellow Obsidianites who were laid off today...I was lucky, but I've been on the other end of that. Your talents will take you far! #keepgoin

And then there is this Google+ post by programmer Michael Bosley:
Obsidian laid off a bunch of folks today. I'm still there, but it's sad (and part of the biz) to see so many good folks let go. :(

Finally, we know that Project North Carolina producer Jason Fader was let go:
So long, Obsidian. It was a great 3.5 years. I'll miss everyone :-(

Our tipster states that the layoffs happened "across all disciplines" and even affected an employee who just started on Monday.  Very sad. As someone who isn't much of a South Park fan, it was their other project(s) that I was waiting to hear more about.

UPDATE: Our tipster has confirmed that it was indeed Project North Carolina that was cancelled, and that the devastating news comes after "the owners weren't paid for 6-7 months" and "401k matching was halted" for employees. Hopefully Obsidian lets us throw our money at a Kickstarter project soon, or I'm going to really start to worry.