The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Interview

A two-page interview with CD Projekt RED's Tomasz Gop has reared its head over at Bit-tech, during which The Witcher 2 senior producer talks about their DLC plans, the DRM-free approach that they're taking, why some of the characters look a little different than they did in the first game, nad more. He even puts a dollar amount on the fines that pirates can expect:
BG: You've also recently announced that you'll be pursuing fines against pirates where possible. Can you explain how you intend to approach that?

Tomek: We're not an anti-piracy police company, so it will never become the focus of our business. Technical details are, for obvious reasons, not something I can go into, but I can explain a little. We're opening up by releasing a new AAA title worldwide, DRM-free, through, and we feel that's both reasonable and fair.

If, for whatever reason, someone still feels like it's better to download the game illegally, that person should also be prepared to potentially receive '˜the letter' from the companies with which we cooperate. Mutual fair play is what we care about we'll respect customers if they respect us back. Regarding the fines, we are talking €500+ depending on the country, so getting a legit copy will be a far better deal.